Winterbourne Studio

Fiber Arts and Instruction by Rebecca Winter

ATC CardWelcome to my website.

I welcome the opportunity of interacting with you through teaching, visual arts or merely in an inspired conversation.

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Explanation of the Logo

The logo is actually a weaving drawdown, which is a picture of what the cloth would look like in the weaving plan or draft.


Star Spiral LogoI have always been drawn to the spiral as a personal symbol. It represents growth and evolution. As we travel around the spiral we come back to same point, but at a different level, where things can be seen in a new light. It represents the possibility for diverse ways of expressing one’s creativity. Plus, the Orb Weaver Spider weaves her web in a spiral. And that to me, is perfection.

Four Pointed Star

Stars represent light penetrating the darkness. A four pointed star speaks of all things related to the number four - the four corners of the earth, the strong foundation of the square, the four seasons. It also is the symbol of truth, spirit and hope, with the light shining through.